Smart Bookkeeping
Smart Business

  • Keep the business on a solid cash footing

  • Make sure payroll is paid properly and on time

  • Pay vendors on time without incurring late charges or interest

  • Make good spending decisions

  • Reduce fear of the unknown

  • Enjoy the peace of mind that lets you focus on other areas of your business

Reliable.  Professional.  Affordable

Your numbers tell a story.

Put all of the numbers together and you get a complete financial picture of your business.  This financial picture is a foundation you can work with to make smart business decisions.  That's what we do all day long!  Our staff provides everything from simple data entry to complex financial forecasting and budgeting. We offer reliable service with experienced professional staff at affordable rates. (Minimum fees start at $150 per month).

"We speak Account-lish"

Often business owners don't ask enough questions when it comes to their finances.  Why?  They may feel confused and not want to feel silly, or they may just not know what to ask. When it comes to your business accounting, there can be no silly questions.  We speak about financial matters in easy-to-understand terms.  We call this "Account-lish". 

This helps us to:

  • Make complex financial statements easy to read and understand
  • Make sure you understand the complete financial picture about your business.  We love questions!
  • Start-ups are one of our favorite types of businesses to work with.  Get started on the right foot so you don't make "rookie mistakes". 
  • Work with your CPA.  We don't do taxes, but we do work closely with CPAs to make sure they have everything they need to do their job.  We provide accurate, timely information to make their job easier and save our clients money.