Prevent Fraud

Real accountability leaves less room for fraud. We ensure your books are always accurate.

  • Fraud is easy when accountability is not in place.  It is a fact that if you don't know where your money is, or how much you have, you don't have financial accountability.

  • Having an outside firm in charge of your accounting gives you a system of checks and balances -- making fraud much more difficult.

Conscienscious.  Trustworthy.  Proven.

We love working with churches and other nonprofit organizations and offer surprisingly affordable rates.  For more than 10 years we've worked with all types of charitable and community organizations including Boys & Girls Clubs of America, PTAs, and various churches and foundations just to name a few.

We understand volunteers and fundraising are a never-ending quest for nonprofits.  Equally critical is the need to keep track of every dollar that comes in and out the door.  While we certainly recognize the passion, dedication and hard work of volunteers, nonprofit accounting is a bit challenging so working with knowledgeable experts like The Accounting Department will make the process streamlined and accurate for your organization.

Proper accounting practices gives a nonprofit essential tools to plan its future and show donors and/or Board Members how it spends and receives its tax exempt funds.  We'll create financial reports that help you understand how the organization is doing which will help key decision-makers position for the future.

We're here to serve you by:

  • Properly recording fundraising dollars from donors
  • Making sure bills are paid on time
  • Presenting organized, understandable financial reports for the Board
  • Adhering to all GAAP accounting principals
  • Producing payroll for staff