How We Work with CPAs

Streamlined Processes & Accurate Data

At The Accounting Department, our team is accutely aware of the importance of having accurate information on time for our CPA partners. We do not do taxes, nor do we give tax advice, but we do work as a liason between the client and the tax preparer to make the process easy and streamlined. We are a business resource for CPAs who do not do bookkeeping and need a reliable referral source for their clients.

We LOVE boxes of paper!

Crumpled wads, coffee-stained napkins, faded receipts, handwritten post-it-notes -- bring it on! Our super-human staff organizes the scraps then pieces together the financial puzzle for you into one complete set of books.

We work with the client and organize the data to provide solid numbers so you can focus on preparing the tax return. Our proactive approach helps catch potential problems and often keeps clients from making damaging financial mistakes.

No Two CPAs Are Alike

Our process with CPAs begins with a short discovery call. During that call we get a better understanding of the information you require for your clients and how you would like to see it.

Why partner with The Accounting Department?

Advanced Notice

We provide a snapshot of how a business is doing 2-3 months before year end. This allows our CPA partners to schedule a tax planning meeting with the client well in advance of tax deadlines.

No more clean up

Avoid headaches, save time and improve tax filing quality when you work with the Accounting Department.  We deliver accurate, standardized books and records that tie to prior year returns, capture adjusting journal entries and properly account for all tax relevant financial activity.

Our CPA Referral Partners Include: